The Pohl Vault

Great news!!  We have been busy building a channel on YouTube for all the folks who are eager to know more about our travels.  

You can find it here: The Pohl Vault

More great news!  Keanna is finished with the creating process of her first coloring book!  You can find that here in two formats: The Pohl Vault Presents: Keanna Pohl's Coloring Book - Volume 1

Book cover image

Keanna Pohl's Co ...

Keanna Pohl


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AND we are working on Zach's coloring book right now!  Lots of big news coming with that. Stay tuned! :)

You can also keep up with all our goings on via Facebook The Pohl Vault


Thank you for all your love and support!!!  We are inspired daily by your encouragement and love.



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